Can I choose my new GP?

Unfortunately, no.  Your new GP will be allocated on an unbiased redistributed list that will be divided fairly with the other partners.


What if I don’t like the GP I have been registered with?

You are within your rights to request a change of GP, you will need to put this request in writing and then will be allocated to a GP who has space available.


Can I choose which GP I am changed to?

We are sorry but you are unable to choose which GP you will be registered with, each GP has an allocated number of patient’s dependant on whether they are full time/part time. You will be allocated to the GP who has their books open at the time of your request.


Will I be registered with the same GP as the rest of my family?

Yes, if you are already all registered under Dr Prince, you will all be moved to the same new GP.


What if I wish to see a female GP?

We have two other female GP Principles, so if you have something of a personal nature you can request a routine appointment with Dr Khehar or Dr Steer. Any emergency appointments would be allocated accordingly on the day and although we will endeavour to book this with a female doctor if requested, we cannot guarantee this with anything that requires emergency care. Dr Prince will still be offering appointments in addition but these will be limited (27 x 15 minute appointments per full working day).


Will I still be able to book an appointment with Dr Prince?

As a salaried GP, Dr Prince will no longer have a patient list; she will however have a certain amount of pre bookable appointments available every week (27 x 15 minute appointments per full working day).  Dr Prince will only be able to see patients that have an appointment booked, and will not be able to see any extra patients once she is full.


I am a vulnerable patient and am worried about my support.

Please be aware, your support with the practice coordinator, Tracy, will still be in place. Tracy will still be available to help with your concerns/queries and will be able to liaise with your new GP if appropriate. Tracy will only be able to book an appointment with Dr Prince if there is one available, but we would encourage you to book with your new GP where possible.


Does this mean fewer appointments at the practice?

No, Dr Prince will still be seeing a significant number of patients each week and we are actively recruiting into our clinical team to support minor illness and urgent care. We have also taken measures to ensure that the total number of pre-bookable GP appointments is not reduced.