Self referral for antenatal care

Women will be able to directly refer themselves into Midwifery care via an online self-referral form, accessible via the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust website. This information will enable our referral co-ordinators to administrate our PAS and Maternity Information System E3 with patient demographics and will allow our midwives to access pre-booking information regarding past medical and obstetric history.


The self-referral co-ordinators will be responsible for creating the patients first booking appointment and providing all pregnancy related information electronically. The community midwives will continue to use the GP surgeries as normal.


While you are waiting to hear further from our midwifery team you may want to learn more about pregnancy.

We recommend stopping smoking

If you would like help with this then please contact 0300 020 0636 or visit the One You Kent Website

We advise all pregnant women to abstain from drinking alcohol

 if you want more information on this visit the alcohol and pregnancy website